The presentation of the IAS “Snowflake” at the IV Northern Sustainable Development Forum

At the plenary session of the IV Northern Forum on Sustainable Development, held in Yakutsk from November 28 to December 1, there the presentation of the IAS “Snowflake” project was held. In his speech, YNAO Governor Dmitry Artyukhov spoke about the uniqueness and necessity of the station both for science and technology, and for the Arctic and its population as a whole. Dmitry Artyukhov emphasized that the station will solve three major tasks: the development of “green” hydrogen energy, applied scientific research and educational programs for young people.

“We have very ambitious tasks in the field of hydrogen energy, the use of wind and solar energy. We are creating “Snowflake” together with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, a key technical institute in the country. Until recently, we counted on international cooperation, but we understand that today it will be much more complicated, which means that we will need to concentrate our own efforts. Historically, we have been through this more than once. With the help of our leading research centers, we must find solutions to Arctic challenges. I am sure that we will cope with this and for our regions these will be technologies that will both simplify the life of the northerners and work for our industry,” the Governor said.

The IAS “Snowflake” is a year-round and completely autonomous energy complex, based on renewable energy sources and hydrogen energy. The station will become a unique example of sustainable development not only in the Russian but also in the international Arctic.