Meeting with the Bellona Foundation, the project's co-lead and partner, at the Snowflake-2 construction site

During the MIPT delegation's visit to Murmansk, Yury Vasiliev, executive director of the Institute of Arctic Technologies met Semyon Kalmykov, an energy advisor of the Bellona Foundation, at the Snowflake-2 construction site. The partners discussed the technical and logistical features of the station in the Murmansk region, as well as exchanged ideas on the next stages of international cooperation within the framework of the IAS Snowflake.

“The Bellona Foundation is an international environmental NGO with a professional team! I am glad that we are actively cooperating and appreciate the trust in the project. I am sure that together we will achieve all our goals and soon welcome Snowflake’s guests from all over the world”, noted Yury Vasiliev.

The Bellona Foundation – co-lead and one of the main AHEAD – IAS Snowflake partners. Since March 2020 the Bellona has been supporting and actively participating in the project.

"To combat climate change and nature degradation, we need pinpointed research efforts and daring pilot projects. The IAS Snowflake station is exactly what we need. The project is going to allow for much need research, and aims to prove that zero-emission solutions, including renewable energy and green hydrogen production and use, can work under challenging conditions, also in the Arctic.

The IAS Snowflake will also facilitate extended research in a broad selection of fields, and making it possible to conduct field-work in the Arctic for international researchers. This is very much needed as a base for further development of both climate mitigation plans and nature conservation strategies", said Oskar Njaa, General Manager for International Affairs the Bellona Foundation.