The 1st stage of geophysical engineering surveys was conducted at the IAS Snowflake construction site

On August 16 - 19, MIPT engineers together with partners conducted the 1st stage of geophysical engineering surveys in the "Jade Valley" at the Snowflake construction site in Yamal.

Using a ground-penetrating radar «Loza», the specialists scanned the main site (approx. 300 by 50 meters), as well as the sites for wind turbines, heat pump and other future infrastructural facilities. Engineers obtained the necessary data for a 3D soils model of the Snowflake and now they are working on data deciphering. Then, based on this data, specialists will decide about the next engineering geological, geodetic, and hydrometeorological surveys.

The GPR «Loza» is a unique technology with a space history. Within the Mars-94 project, the device detected the presence/absence of water on the planet, then it has been significantly improved and now the GPG "Loza" is widely used in different industries incl. in construction. It scans the ground to a depth of 300 meters by a radio signal, which allows to determine the underground in sufficient detail even before geological drilling. The Loza technology ensures survey accuracy of up to 95%, saves time on basic surveys and minimizes construction costs due to an early design stage of the site plan for the Snowflake’s facilities.