The Main Department of State Expertise approved the “Snowflake” project

The necessary, long-awaited and positive decision of the Main Department of State Expertise (FAU “Glavgosexpertiza”) has been received. This allows specialists to move on to a new stage in the “Snowflake” implementation - the construction of the first stage.

“The construction of the International Arctic Station “Snowflake” will take place in two stages. At the first stage, the number of employees will be 20 people; after the commissioning of the second stage, their number will increase to 86 people. For the autonomous operation and life support of the Snowflake station, the first stage provides for the construction of the main amenity and medical facilities,” said Pavel Samoilov, chief expert of the project.

On the territory of the Snowflake complex, it is planned to place wind power plants (with a capacity of 1050 kW), a solar power plant (with a capacity of 300 kW), an electrolysis station for generating hydrogen, electrochemical generator rooms, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platforms, as well as water supply and sewage systems, workshop rooms and other needed buildings, facilities and communications.