The AHEAD project progress report during the SDWG Plenary meeting

The SDWG Plenary meeting under the Russian chairmanship of the Arctic Council was held on October 26-28 in Moscow (Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic) in a mixed format. Leads of the exiting SDWG projects had informed about the status and updates of their projects, and members of some Arctic countries’ delegations presented project proposals for inclusion in the Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group.

The AHEAD has already become a household word in Russia and has a great positive response abroad. We thank our Norwegian partner the Bellona Foundation and our Arctic Council colleagues for the constant support. Today we already have some results and we achieved one of our main goals: we have drawn the attention of the expert community and the government to the fact that green hydrogen energy in the Arctic is possible even today! MIPT is developing the building design documentation of the Station in Yamal, as well as plans to sign a contract soon and start similar design work on the Snowflake station in the Murmansk region. There is still a lot of work to do. Almost everything is going according to plan, even though we are creating a unique complex arctic engineering facility,” – noted Yury Vasiliev, Executive Director of the Institute of Arctic Technologies, during his speech about the progress of the AHEAD project.

At the end of the AHEAD project progress report, representatives of delegations from Canada and Iceland noted the high interest in this Russian initiative, and representatives of the Republic of Korea (an observer country in the Arctic Council) confirmed their interest in developing cooperation with MIPT within the AHEAD. The ARENA project manager noted the involvement of MIPT and Russian representatives in the intensive ARENA 2022 program, as well as the interest of ARENA members in the AHEAD project.

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