Visit of MIPT scientists to the construction site of the Snowflake station in Yamal

During the on-site visit, organized by the Russian Arctic Development Center, engineers and architects designing the Snowflake station carried out field surveys, including: a preliminary geodetic survey of the station site and adjacent territory, georeferencing a construction site plan, examining the lake bed and producing a topographic lake-bed map, adjusting the boundaries of the main station’s facility and its key engineering infrastructure facilities i.e wind farms, solar power plants, electrolysis, receiver hydrogen-powered fleets, switchgear and substation with energy storage system, heat pumps, electric-filling stations and hydrogen-filling stations, a water-intake facility, VOC stations, Emergency Diesel Generators, telecommunications towers, helipad, as well as outdoor facilities (sports and leisure area, well-equipped promenade zone and gazebos etc.) and temporary site for a builders camp.

«Yamal’s administration plans to speedily and efficiently build a technological road for the station’s construction. All equipment and materials needed for the construction will be transported by rail to the city of Labytnangi, afterwhich it will be delivered here by off-road vehicles” - said Andrei Umnikov, director of the Russian Arctic Development Center.

“Russia, as part of its chairmanship of the Arctic Council, sets high environmental safety requirements for facilities in the Arctic. The novelty of the Snowflake project is that it is an Arctic facility, where Russian and foreign scientists, designers, development engineers, students, graduate students, undergraduates and even high schoolers will work and live year-round. From the very beginning of construction, the station should impress the entire engineering world with its life-support systems, which will become the norm in the future. This requires us to build not only the main multi-dome building of the station but also a large number of high-tech infrastructure facilities. I would like to highlight that the Snowflake is only 25 percent a "space architecture" construction, but 75 percent is owed to the hard work of the MIPT engineering center and our industrial and academic partners”, said Yury Vasiliev, Executive Director of the Institute of Arctic Technologies.

The details of the visit in the video report "Vesti. Yamal" (with English subtitles):