Interview of the project leader and Executive Director of the Institute of Arctic Technologies, MIPT, Yury Vasiliev to the “Regional energy and energy saving” magazine

Executive Director of the Institute of Arctic Technologies of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and project leader Yury Vasiliev in the second issue of the “Regional Energy and Energy Saving” magazine spoke about the current pilot hybrid project in Laborovaya and about the Russian initiative to the Arctic Council to build the IAS “Snowflake” within the project «Arctic Hydrogen Energy Applications and Demonstrations» - AHEAD in Yamal.

“It is important to understand that energy is not only the main focus of the AHEAD project, however, we are building a research infrastructural platform, where it is possible to test, implement, develop and promote new technologies and solutions, that are ready today as prototypes and  experimental solutions. In addition to energy, this also includes water treatment technologies, waste disposal, satellite telecommunications, the Internet of things for smart homes / settlements, telemedicine, biotechnology etc. - everything that can be tested through this station and implemented in the real life of a human in the Arctic” (Yury Vasiliev, Regional energy and energy saving, №2/2020).

Full interview in Russian language: https://energy.s-kon.ru/chitajte-v-zhurnale-regionalnaya-energetika-i-energosberezhenie-2-2020/