Norway became a co-leader of the AHEAD project

In March 2020 Norway declared a willingness and readiness to become a co-leader of the AHEAD project and had sent an official letter by diplomatic channels. Norway became the first arctic country to join the AHEAD project.

The main Norwegian partner is an independent non-profit organization The Bellona Foundation, which has sent a letter to the MIPT to express the intention to support the International Arctic Station "Snowflake" within the scope of the Arctic Council project AHEAD and develop further energy technologies in the Arctic.

Cooperation with The Bellona Foundation within the AHEAD project corresponds to reaching common goals: science and research on climate change, ecology and environmental pollution, development of modern and environmentally friendly technologies, energy problems solutions and transformation to green transport and green fuel in the Arctic. The AHEAD project and building the IAS “Snowflake” will demonstrate possibilities and opportunities of transformation to a modern environmentally friendly development of the Arctic region and become a platform for international interaction and cooperation.

The Bellona Foundation is an independent non-profit organization founded on June 16, 1986 and since 1989, The Bellona Foundation has been working on the environmental problems in the Arctic and northwestern region of Russia.

More information about The Bellona Foundation on https://bellona.org